SurveyGizmo for Healthcare

A Complete Solution for Health and Patient Related Organizations


Collect In-Depth Patient Data.

The moment a patient enters your care, their health, safety, and privacy is your number one concern. It's ours, too.

Surveys and forms are a fast, easy way to collect and act on patient information, from processing appointment requests to intake forms to evaluations.  When you use SurveyGizmo, all of the data you collect is protected by industry-leading, HIPAA compliant security measures.

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Collect Any Kind of Data

With 40+ question types from multiple choice and text boxes to file uploads and NPS, collect exactly the data you need.

HIPAA Compliant & Secure

Industry-leading security protocols and added HIPAA compliant measures ensure your patients are protected.

Full Design & Brand Control

Fully brand all of your surveys and the app itself to match your exact brand guidelines, including colors, fonts, and logos.

Ready to Use Templates

Get started fast with fully customizable templates built specifically for health care facilities like yours.


Spend more time with patients and less on survey design

Easy to use features allow you to fine tune surveys and forms, automate processes, trigger workflows, and help patients every step of the way, from admission to appointment follow-up.

Do it all with:

  • Built-in Actions - including automated email sends triggered by responses, as well as securely pushing/pulling data to and from your existing patient database.
  • Advanced Survey Logic - including question logic, page logic, skip logic, and disqualifications based on patient responses.
  • Easy Integrations - with third party software like Safesforce and Google Apps, as well as the option to create custom integrations with the tools you already use.
  • Complete Brand Control - including branded urls and domains in addition to custom themes and styling.

Secure patient information storage and analysis

Once patient information is collected, it's stored where only authorized users can access it, ensuring patient confidentiality. 

For authorized users, SurveyGizmo's reporting and analysis tools allow you to access the information you need. Features include:

  • Data Visualizations - Customize each question type with multiple chart & visual options.
  • Segmentation - Compare responses against each other by any criteria to find correlation and causation in your results.
  • Filtering - Get to your answers faster by digging into only the most relevant data to your question.

SurveyGizmo also makes it easy to securely export data to your existing patient databases and in multiple file types, including SPSS.

It's your patient data, just the way you need it.


Solutions for every step of the patient's healing journey

SurveyGizmo is flexible enough to streamline almost every point in the patient's health care journey:

  • Appointment Request
  • Intake Surveys
  • Patient Assessments
  • Patient Evaluations
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Appointment Follow Up 
  • And Many More